Thursday, January 29, 2009

GiST Day 8

1. I made progress today! Not as much as I'd hoped, but I made progress and that feels good. (In the middle of the afternoon I realised that we'd volunteered to host our church's prayer meeting at our house this evening, and so I spent the rest of the afternoon baking for the snack and getting the house straightened.)

2. There is a decent-sized cheque waiting for me at the university. These are the happiest words I can think of, because that means that tomorrow I can get all the groceries I want. And I'll finally book a haircut. I feel like I can breathe again.

3. The funny thing is that, even though money's been tight for the past week or so (some of my cheques arrived later than they were supposed to come, meaning that the registration money for this weekend's conference had to come out of our regular living expenses), we've been fine. We always have lots of food in our freezers and cupboards, and had squirreled away gift certificates for grocery stores (teacher presents for Chris from last June*) for such an occasion as this. Actually, we ate better than usual this week.

4. I am thankful for banana bread. Dude, I made a good banana bread for prayer meeting.

5. I didn't have to leave my house for the whole day. It was completely glorious.

* By the way: if you ever have to buy a thank you present for a teacher, gift cards (and especially gift cards for food) are always a good idea. Especially for young teachers.

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LynnieC said...


No, really. I really do. Kelly is paying me for rides to choir with banana muffins, and I'm quite thrilled about it.