Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How this dissertation will know that I mean business

My hair is up and off my face, so that it doesn't distract me. I'm wearing makeup, because somehow that makes me feel like I'm not being tired and lazy. (Seriously: I'm wearing lipstick around the house.) I'm wearing the wrist warmers, the "WINNER" medal from Anastasia, and I'm wearing Scooby-doo slipper socks. My iPod is set to my Study Music playlist, and my Batman cape is on hand in case I really need to pull out the big guns. (Okay, right now I'm not wearing the cape because it's made of fleece and it was really nice and warm and made me feeling like taking a nap.)

Now, let's see if I can take advantage of my Non-Teaching Day and get some serious work done, eh?


The History Enthusiast said...

I love reading about your writing process! You crack me up.

I am all for wearing lipstick at all times...I like to feel glamorous because it makes me feel more confident. Cheesy, I know.

Anonymous said...

go! fight! win!