Sunday, February 01, 2009

GiST Day 11: Very Tired from Conference Edition

1. Karaoke. It always makes me happy. (My friend Catherine and I sang "Mamma Mia")

2. I'm no longer locked out of my room, thanks to the helpful front desk lady. (Our electronic deadbolt malfunctioned and locked us out of our room for a while tonight.)

3. In the middle of a conference session this afternoon (the one that was closest to my field, and which was chaired by my supervisor), I realised a better way of framing my dissertation that would frustrate me far less. I was so excited that I skipped the next session (and skipped walking on the beach) so that I could write all my ideas and brainstorm for a while. This is huge and I suddenly have way more motivation to work than I've had in years.

4. I love that, because I work with (occasionally tech-averse) historians, I'm by default some kind of technology guru, just because I know how to operate basic equipment and can use several different kinds of computers. I've spent my day rescuing people from digital projectors and it makes me feel like some kind of superhero.

5. There was pumpkin pie cake at the banquet. For serious.


The Blog Fodder said...

Wonderful about the dissertation light flash. Go get 'em, girl.
Computer wizard by default...having a sister who is a computer whiz, like you do (my daughters say), is also a help, but it does make you laugh. Ella was considered the computer guru at RPCI, which cracked me up because I knew...

C said...

huzzah! yay dissertation inspiration! as long as you were there for the karaoke, that's all that matters!