Monday, February 02, 2009

GiST Day 12: In My Own Bed

1. It feels so good to be home. And to change out of my dress clothes and into sweats, and curl up on the couch watching the Food Network.

2. The conference went ridiculously well, without any major problems. And I had fun running it.

3. I ate goat cheese for lunch. Goat cheese with steak, on top of a salad. Any day is a good day when I get to eat goat cheese.

4. You know, up until now I've hardly felt like talking about my dissertation. It's just been this source of frustration and confusion, and I've always felt like I've had trouble putting it into words. Now that my ideas are coming together, I can't shut up about it. Chris borrowed my computer for a while this evening, but then I had another idea about how it all fits together, and I actually paced around behind him until he was done with my computer. This is a new sensation.

5. I am thankful for Lynnie, who gave me this graphic novel for birthday/Christmas. It's so perfect that I'm going to try to make it my launching point for my dissertation.

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LynnieC said...

Hurray!!!! I'm glad you like it.