Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bits of Thoughts and News

  • I ran a fundraiser auction this week (the same one as last year, and yes I did dress as Vanna again) and it went really well! We broke last year's record-breaking fundraising, which means that it'll be even cheaper for the students from my department to attend our conference. It makes me happy to feel like I've done something well.
  • Canadian politics are suuuuper-interesting right now. I'm even letting Chris listen to all of the CBC program The House right now. (By the way, it's driving me nuts to hear the Conservatives saying that the forming of a coalition would be going against democracy, and would going against Canada's wishes based on how they voted. If you're a minority government, it means that the majority of the country voted against you, which theoretically means that the majority of the members of Parliament could form a majority against you.) Maybe it's the German historian in me that just loves the political potential of coalitions so much.
  • The one thing that stumps Chris and me is who ought to be Prime Minister, if a coalition is successfully formed. This conversation has led to a lot of discussion of the hilarity of The Moustache as Prime Minister.
  • I'm still figuring out what I thought of Baz Lurhmann's Australia. I definitely liked it as I watched it, three-hours-long notwithstanding. It was emotionally satisfying. But on reflection afterward...I'm not sure. I'm going to have to see it again. (I read Ebert's review and found myself agreeing a lot, even if Ebert did get some of the details of the movie wrong.)
  • What should I do for my birthday? I'd like something special, but I don't want anything where I'm having to do a lot of work and planning, because those are the birthdays where I get stressed out and then cry.


C said...

congrats vanna! hurray for more money!
i have been wanting to know about australia, because kidman looks like an over-facelifted over-acting twit in the trailers, but i like baz luhrman (i even have a bunny partly named after him) hmm, maybe i should save it for renting, then i can pause for a pee break halfway through.
have fun on your birthday! hmm, you may even have a certain package by then =mysterious grin=

Ky said...

I don't know if I could handle a moustache like that leading our country.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think we share the same birthday (a week from Monday.. right?).

I think part of it is the time of the year. We've been in college so long that this time of year is inevitbly finals week or the week before finals, so we're stressed out and tired anyway.

I also hate the raised expectations of things around the holidays. I try to resist it, but somehow my birthday and Christmas get mixed up in the hype -- so it is always a bit disappointing.

I say have a simple dinner with Chris --- or let him do something special for you and just accept whatever he plans. Let his planning it BE a big part of your present. Some years we set a hard spending limit for birthdays, so it becomes about thoughtful things not money.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

IPF: Yeah, we are birthday buddies! I forget that every year. Chris has an even harder time with his birthday and Christmas getting all mixed up - his birthday's the 21st.