Sunday, November 30, 2008

How I didn't win a car or a TV this weekend

Have I mentioned that Chris is the sort of person who enters contests and draws whenever he can? Of course, this is the only way you're ever going to win contests, but somehow he has this sense for the contests that are going to end up being a marketing strategy to try to force you to buy/sign up for expensive stuff.

So, last week I got a call from some contest saying that Chris was a finalist for winning some kind of Lexus SUV. (Because, you know, we really need a Lexus.) They said that they'd be mailing him a key that he'd try in a locked box. Also, because we were finalists, we were guaranteed one of their secondary prizes; they asked us which of their list of prizes we'd prefer and I said we wanted the 50" TV.

...the only thing is that we'd have to sit through a 90 minute talk first.

And yes, my gut instinct was right, and it was for (glorified) time shares. And Chris's key didn't work in the locked box, and in the end they gave us a scratch-and-win card to figure out which prize we got. At least it ended being a $100 gift certificate for a restaurant (which you can use it at several different restaurants in the city). So, it wasn't an entire loss, even though I had to spend part of my afternoon arguing with a salesman that, no, spending $20,000 on the right to stay in resorts around the world is not the same as saving for retirement.

We'll use the gift certificate on my birthday, ordering whatever we want at one of my favourite restaurants in this city.

In other news: all my Canadian readers who have cable TV should be watching Canada's Worst Driver on Discovery. It's seriously the best show ever. I was worried that I'd get stressed out watching it, being aware that there are people driving that are as bad as that (or that I'd discover that my driving is as bad as theirs), but the show is downright satisfying. The host is funny, and the episode where everyone learns how to drive standard is just plain good television. (And this week everyone learns how to drive in reverse!) And it's an actually good reality TV show: everyone's trying not to stay on the show, by trying hard and graduating before the finale.


C said...

we had a clean air test a few weeks ago, and the guy came back to make his salespitch and my dad said "i warn you, we will not buy anything tonight" and so he went on and on, and when it became apparent that they were not going to buy anything, the guy became abusive and almost slugged my dad. be very very happy with your gift certificate! i hope it is for a good place!

also, host of worst driver is not only funny, he is very good looking. i watch the show just for him. i like how he helps the people if they really aren't getting it.

Teacher Lady said...

I didn't win a TV or car this weekend either -- I guess we have that in common.