Friday, March 14, 2008

Rejection letters that don't sting

I heard back from the committee for a scholarship I'd applied for many months ago. When I got the envelope, I was filled with fear, dreading that I was about to read yet another form letter that began with "we regret" and told me about all the worthy applications they'd received.

I didn't win the award. Maybe it's the fact that this is one of many possible funding sources (and I'm putting a lot more hope in a different grant), but the rejection didn't hurt. In fact, it made me feel a little better about myself. This particular sentence is what made me feel better:

"It may be some consolation to learn that you were a finalist, highly recommended by your provincial committee of selection."

Hey, wait a minute: I was a finalist! I made it past the provincial competition and was also ranked highly in the national competition! That's the first time in a long time that I've made it that far in a competition! Somehow, that makes me feel a wee bit more competent.


Psychgrad said...

That is a nice rejection. I, too, am tired of the form rejection letter.

Many great applications...tough decision...unfortunately...blah blah blah.

Ky said...

Good work!! Finalist! Awesome.

Anastasia said...

Go you! a prof once told me that he'd like to add a section to his cv titled "grants and awards I almost won". because, you know, you feel proud of being a finalist. it means you were competitive. and so you should be proud!

Limon de Campo said...

Being a finalist is something to be proud of. Yay you!