Monday, March 17, 2008

More confessions

I think reading for the comps has turned me into a caffeine addict. No, wait. I'll take ownership of that statement: I've turned myself into a caffeine addict during the latter half of my comps reading.

Last spring, when I was reading in the office at school every day, I ended up drinking a cup of coffee a day. It was always the same story: someone else had made coffee and then offered me a cup, and it just smelled so nice and I was trying to stay conscious through just one more book.

But then the coffee was starting to make me jittery and I'd be crashing in the late afternoon, and so I cut out the caffeine for a while.

But then I later started drinking tea more. Mostly green tea, the high quality kind where you have to drink a whole pot of it to equal a cup of coffee.

And then I started drinking a pot of tea a day. It was a nice way to structure my reading: put on the kettle, and drink tea while I read. It was so comforting.

And then it became more like two pots of tea a day.

(I've cut to the chase and made coffee today.)


Kate said...

Nothing like grad school to start you on caffeine, eh? I drink a pot of tea a day when I'm working at home. I need to make sure I cut myself off after 4:00 or so, or else sometimes I can't sleep! Other times, when I'm stressing over a deadline, I can drink caffeine constantly and still sleep -- it's actually great, because I'll only sleep for four hours, and wake up ready and raring to go!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Somewhere, Matt's checking my blog and mortified to hear this exchange between Kate and me.

It would almost be as bad as if we'd started talking about how much we hate running. (Although that wouldn't be true of Kate. She's been converted by the Matt Cult of Running.)

Kate said...

Actually, I was converted by the Heather Cult of Running (she was my roommate at CSECS 2005). Heather was slim and graceful as a bird, and said things like "Running is fun! When you run outside, you can see some really beautiful natural scenery. It's relaxing." Matt said things like "Pain is weakness leaving the body." So take a guess as to who made me decide to try running? :)

Not that I've been running much lately. I do have an appointment with a specialist about my knee, though!

DC Power said...

Do you also use your usual 7 sugars in each cup?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Daddy: I'm down to 2 sugars in each cup! I'll bet you're so proud.

Teacher Lady said...

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- Mr. T, ,Celebrity Secrets