Monday, January 14, 2008

Confessions in Bullet Form

  • I have finally succumbed to a cold. I obsessed through my whole trip to Saskatchewan, downing so many vitamins and Cold-FXs, and then I come down with something a full week after we fly home.
  • This cold has caused me to set aside all reservations about the neti pot and to embrace it wholeheartedly. That thing makes my congestion goes away, and for that it's worth its weight in rubies.
  • To make myself feel better about having to read all these books about the Holocaust while having a cold, I've been watching Comfort Food-equivalent TV and movies while I work.
  • So far: Dreamgirls, Little Women and endless episodes of So You Think You Can Dance?
  • I've watched the dance sequence where Neil and Sabra do the "power lunch" dance to "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" about three times today. Okay, now make that four, since I had to sit and watch it when I found the YouTube video.
  • I started watching Back To The Future but found that I was far too excited about the show to focus on book reviews.
  • I also ate a lot of Jello. Jello is how I handle sad stuff. (I ate a bunch of Jello when I had to write a biographical sketch of Rudolph Höss, and the morning after my grandpa died.)
  • I'm such a wimp about pulp in orange juice. Chris bought me "low pulp" orange juice instead of "pulp free." Normally I would hardly notice, but today the pulp was bothering my throat. And so I poured it through a fine-mesh strainer. That was my best idea I've had all day.
  • Today I've been wandering the house in tight red sweatpants and a red long-sleeved t-shirt.
  • When my landlady brought down the mail and saw me in the red outfit, she said that I was looking "much fatter than usual"* before I left for Christmas. At which point I had to confess that I actually weigh more now than I did then (as a result of Christmas). It's just that I'm wearing tight red clothes right now.
  • On the weekend, at the tail end of my baking frenzy ( but at the beginning of my cold-induced stupor, I tried to make honey bran muffins but forgot to add baking soda. They ended up like these little bran hockey pucks.
  • Chris liked the taste of them and ate them anyway. But I should have told him more clearly that they were bran muffins. I thought that he had put them away, but it turned out that he had eaten thirteen of them, because: a.) they were so small (but concentrated!) that he didn't notice how many he ate, and b.) he felt sad for me that I messed up the muffins and wanted to show me that he liked them anyway. And so he ate thirteen. In one day. I will elaborate no further at this point.
  • This is veering from "confessions" to "over-sharing." Again.

* Chris's response after she left: "Maybe something is lost in the translation."


Julia H, said...

Wow! 13 Bran muffins in one day? I hope he doesn't make this a ...regular... thing.

Kate said...

Aw, that thing with the bran muffins? So sweet! I consider it the epitome of Twoo Wuv when one's significant other eats the results of failed culinary endeavours. It's much better than "No it doesn't make you look fat" or "Well I, for one, like your new haircut. Mullets are cute!"

twirly said...

that was totally my favorite SYTYCD dance last summer!

trillwing said...

Oh no! Poor Chris!