Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Message from under a mountain of kleenexes

I warn you that this isn't going to fit together very well:

I have the least attractive voice possible right now. It's a really good thing that I can stay home and work as much as I need to, at this point, because there's no way that the public wants to deal with me as I am right now: honking my nose, hacking all over the place, and croaking worse than Carrol Channing after she's been screaming for a day.

Did I also mention that my brain's pretty foggy right now? Sinus pressure + lack of sleep + cold medication + I couldn't use my SAD lamp today because it would hurt my eyes = not very clever.

Chris is also coming down with The Blargh, as we fondly call this cold. He was snoring extra loudly last night, and then waking up to cough really hard. And he's also been going around the house wearing my winter scarf, because it's apparently really cold in here. (It's always a sure sign that we're both sick when he's too cold and I'm too warm.) And so we're staying home from prayer meeting tonight. Curling up with warm blankets and getting work done.

The weird thing is that, even though my brain's fuzzy right now, I've been making astounding progress on my comps work. In the past few days I've gotten myself from "I hope I'm done soon" to "almost done." It's all fitting together now, and I'm a woman obsessed with work right now.


Psychgrad said...

Wow, I should be so productive when I'm healthy. Get well soon...or at least once the comps are finished.

Ky said...

You are kicking comps BUTT!

may-b said...

Although, being that half your brain is missing, do you think it's a good idea to be this productive? You might not actually be reading anything.

Kate said...

w00t for a productive illness! Dang, girl, I need you to come and sneeze on me.