Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, isn't that nice

Today WestJet earned my love even more: they sent me an e-mail, apologising for the inconvenience of my flight delay and offering me a travel credit equal to the cost of my flight (before surcharges and taxes). Hooray for money towards flying home at Christmas!

Tonight I really will have to type up two letters, as I've been saying I would (one to WestJet and one to Air Canada, saying the same thing: good customer service earns you customer loyalty).


Anonymous said...

Hi Again:
Dave the WestJetter here again. Glad we were able to make you even MORE happy. Make sure you book that flight home soon. Christmas is notorious for booking up sooner than people think it might. My goodness, it is 10pm and it is 30 celcius inside my house in Calgary (warmed by the scalding sun all day), and I'm sitting out on my deck with my dog here beside me just trying to stay cool ... AND, I'm talking about Christmas!

Yours truly,
Dave from WestJet

Queen of West Procrastination said...

And...that's definitely odd.

I'm beginning to feel like a commercial.