Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This Victoria looks oddly like Regina

For a second time in one trip, I'm missing a connection and being overnighted. However, this time I was flying WestJet (rather than terrible Air Canada) and they handled the situation better (and this time it was something that needed repairing on the plane, rather than human error). They gave me two options: a.) fly to Edmonton and be overnighted there; b.) pull my luggage off the plane and stay overnight in Regina.

When forced to choose between Regina and Edmonton, I always choose Regina. Also, when forced to choose between an airport hotel (where it will probably take a million years to get me to the hotel, and then I'll have a bad sleep, etc.) and sleeping in my childhood bedroom, I will always choose my childhood bedroom.

Sorry, Edmonton. I just don't love you that much.

So, the new plan is for me to fly out from here tomorrow morning at 6:30, take a direct flight and land in Victoria at 8:30am.

(Poor Christopher. He was so excited to pick me up from the airport tonight.)


Julia H. said...

wow! You get a direct flight from Regina to Victoria! That's almost unheard of with West Jet! Tell me how to work that magic!

BrightStar said...

Very exciting to have a direct flight!

Anonymous said...

Hi There:
Dave the WestJetter here (both a WestJet employee and an owner too). Sorry to hear that our flight was late, but thanks for the kudos on the way we handled it. We really do try to help our guests as much as possible in situations like this. I'm glad we were able to give you a set of options that you could select from that worked out.

Yours truly,
Dave from WestJet

Teacher Lady said...

Is Dave for serious?
A couple notes:
1) Waking up early is for chumps (even if it is to drive your beloved sister to the airport)
2) She did not work magic to get a direct flight. There is no such thing as a direct flight from Regina to Victoria. She has a stop over in Calgary in which she does not get off the plane. Sorry, my sister is a travel tease.
3)Did I mention waking up early is for chumps? Especially when you can't fall back to sleep even when you are suspected of narcolepsy.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

They called it a "direct flight"! By which they meant "you don't get off the plane and there's only a short stop in Calgary," rather than "non-stop".

Julia H. said...

See, I ALWAYS get stuck in Calgary whenever I fly to Vancouver, and it's usually like a 3 hour stop over! BRUTAL!