Sunday, July 22, 2007

The following are for chumps:

  • Using one's SAD lamp in July;*
  • Wearing socks during the summertime,
  • Especially while the rest of the country is sunny with hot weather,
  • And especially while still dealing with blisters as a result of flip-flops and a touch of sunburn;
  • A week straight of rain;
  • Having to use the furnace in July.

The following items are decidedly not for chumps:
  • Green grass and roses outside, when it's usually dead and brown here by this time of the summer;
  • The ability to wear both sweaters and sweatpants without dying of the heat;
  • Naps while it's raining outside;
  • Being able to drink hot tea;
  • Consoling oneself with televised murder mysteries.
*Note: it is very difficult to refer to it as "Seasonal affective disorder" when you don't get the summer off.


Kate said...

Hot tea and naps while it rains. I am so so so jealous. I'm currently wondering if a cup of darjeeling would push me over the edge into heat stroke. If I had money, I would buy one of those iced tea machines, so I could have my darjeeling and drink it too!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

An iced tea machine! Is that so that the kettle doesn't heat up the whole house in the summer?

Kate said...

Pretty much. I think they're also supposed to steep tea in a way that makes it tastier when iced... I don't know. I'm poor, so I just put a big jar of water and tea bags in the sun for a few hours, then pop it in the fridge. :) Forgot to do that today, and, as you point out, the kettle would steam up the house.