Friday, June 22, 2007

I wonder if people are calling the police

This evening, I met a prof on a busy street corner. I exchanged books with him, chatted for a moment and then walked away. While we were exchanging books, Christopher (who came along) asked us, "Are you intentionally trying to look like drug dealers?" (It totally hadn't occurred to us; we were just thinking "Hey! We live close to each other, and so instead of travelling to the University to exchange books, why don't we both walk half-way? a busy street corner?)

The prof was also going to give me some money for some photocopies I did, but thanks to loud-mouth Christopher, he thought better of it and said that he'll give the money to me at our meeting (at the university) on Tuesday.

(Chris still maintains, "The only reason why we weren't swarmed and busted is because no money changed hands.")


arimich <> said...

I can't believe how much I've missed because of our silly internet being out all week. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page! Maryanne, you are wonderful. I'm sad I won't get to see you this summer! When you come back in December, we are going to have a blast! Give you and Chris hugs for me.

p.s. Christopher, you're brilliant. And you have a highly active imagination. The whole drug deal scenario wouldn't have begun to occur to me.

trillwing said...

Couldn't you have tucked the money into a book and exchanged it that way? Ditto with certain drugs. :)

jo(e) said...

I am laughing at the thought of cops swooping in to bust you for exchanging .... books. I hope you were at least reading something racy.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Aren't books like drugs for academics? That is my complaint about publishers, they keep sending us "samples" with the hope that we'll get hooked.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

trillwing: The same thing occurred to us afterward. And so I'm pretty sure that the police weren't actually watching us.

jo(e): Well, are books about nineteenth-century European feminism and liberalism considered racy?

arimich: We really will have a blast at Christmas. I'm even going to add a knowing wink to that ;)

StyleyGeek said...

I had a Romanian friend in Denmark who had another Romanian friend who had just been back to Romania to visit family. She had asked him to bring back some Romanian foods and things she couldn't get in Denmark. So (stupidly!) when he got back, they arranged to meet up in the university carpark, where he then handed over the packages to her, and she gave him the money for what he had bought her.

The police then swarmed the car and arrested them both. Turns out they had had FIVE phone calls from concerned Danes who said people talking some Eastern European language were exchanging money and goods in a carpark at dusk; so therefore it had to be either drugs or weapons.

The police were very baffled to find the packages contained salamis, dumpling mixes, pickled cabbage, and various jams.