Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I take those little victories where I can get them

And tonight that victory is the fact that I packed everything I'll need for three weeks (includin everything for a week-long church camp -- dress clothes, flute, song books -- and a trip to my grandparents' farm, comps reading books, and a wedding present), and yet managed to keep my suitcases well under the weight limit. And the weight limit's lower than I usually have, because I'm flying via Air Canada in the cheapest class possible on the way there (they have a 50lb limit, while WestJet allows for 60).

You have no idea what a triumph this is for me. I'm a classic obsessive-compulsive over-packer. Usually, I'm just balancing under the WestJet weight limit, and I've put things into Christopher's bag because he packs less than I do. This time, I even managed to still bring an extra pair of glasses (I always pack my back-up pair because I'm paranoid like that) and still my bags aren't over-full.

(Note to my sister: please bring your hairdryer! I didn't pack mine.)

And the next time you'll hear from me, I'll be in Saskatchewan! I just hope I didn't forget anything major.


Teacher Lady said...

What is wrong with people? They don't write, they don't call! The send messages to loved ones through blogs and facebook.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I was going to phone you from Mom and Dad's house, but I was worried that I'd forget and so I also noted it there.