Friday, June 22, 2007

And all I want to do is nap

Between now and suppertime I have to bus to the University, read one more book (I just finished one), get an allergy shot, get together for coffee and consultation with a few PhD students, bus to a place where I'm exchanging books with a prof before our meeting on Tuesday (you know, the day when I fly to Regina?), and get back here to finish cleaning up before our houseguest arrives. (Also, I might spend the evening getting started on another book.)

Is that a lot of work for one day? It's been so long since I had a "real" job that I can no longer tell what a normal amount of work is.


Bella Sultane said...

It sounds busy to me, but I haven't had a 'real job' in forever, too.

Good luck with everything.

May-B said...

Seems like a lot to me. Today, all I've accomplished is brushing my teeth.