Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Comments from my grade five report card

November: "Well done, Maryanne. You are learning to control your anxieties well. Keep working on it."

June: "An excellent student, kind and hardworking. Keep it up. You were even able to laugh at yourself this year and that's good."

Say what? And is it weird that I got all anxious realising that my grade 5 teacher* thought I was anxious?

I'm also wondering if I've changed that much. The general consensus about yesterday is that I got so freaked out about the whole I-put-a-knife-into-my-thumb thing that I actually sent myself into physical shock. For most of the day. Slurred speech, dizziness and all. And a really bad headache. Largely resulting from my combined heeby-jeebies and The Vapours. (My thumb's a lot better today. Thankfully it was a really sharp knife, meaning that the cut was really clean, and the cut didn't go really deep. It was such a clean cut that it's already healing well.)

*Mrs. J was my most favourite teacher ever, and she was well-known for being entirely non-generic, not to mention hilarious. On my brother's report card she referred to him as "quite the lady-killer."


Teacher Lady said...

The vapours? My sister is a special girl.

My report card comments until grade 11 consist of variations of "Janice is a quiet girl. I wish she would speak up more in class."

LynnieC said...

My report card comments were mostly like "Lyn is the smartest girl in the whole entire world. I wish all children everywhere were just like her." You know. Or some variation thereof.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Janice: even in grades 9 and 10 when you were driving the Home Ec, Social Studies, French and English teachers crazy? I know your past.

Lynniec: practically perfect in every way.

trillwing said...

My 11th-grade creative writing teacher, enamored (not!) of the preset comments available on the then-new report card system, left me the comment "Failure to suit up for class."

Teacher Lady said...

I never said that ALL of my teachers said I was quiet in class.