Friday, May 18, 2007

Just like that.

For the past few days, I've been a little bit insane. Yesterday, I had another meeting with my Canadian history professor, to discuss the books I read most recently. But before that, I had to get enough books read to make this discussion worthwhile. (I definitely got slowed down last week.) I was so worried about this meeting, and really didn't feel like I was ready.

And then it went well. And then my prof suggested that I leave the remaining few books from my Canada list (there are about 12 left) until just before I take my exams. Meaning that today I'm moving on to European history.

This is probably only meaningful to me, but I'm seriously giddy about moving on. Granted, I'll probably be less giddy once I'm in the middle of some book about nineteenth century French agrarian politics, but I'm onto my next list now! I'm making progress! I get a reprieve from books about William Lyon Mackenzie King or the Constitution! And just the day after I told my officemate that I was officially tired of Canadian history and ready to move on! Huzzah!

Of course, the problem is that now I have to set a new pace. Get in contact with another prof, to notify him that I've started reading, and to ask if we can meeting a couple of weeks. It's time to get new books out of the library. And I have to stop feeling like I've finished something and start feeling like I'm starting something new. And that means I have to change out of my pyjamas and get to school.

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