Monday, May 14, 2007


First of all, thank you for all the feedback about the living room! We're still torn about the colour for the table, but Chris is going to try to doctor that picture using GIMP, and see how the table would look in different colours. But I'm leaning towards a dark-coloured table as an anchor for the room, with a colourful tablecloth. For the time being (read: because I will probably be too lazy to deal with the futon cover until after comps), I think we're also going to get a bunch of colourful cushions for the couch. Also, there's normally a tree in the room (but it's getting re-potted), which should help. I'll have to think about adding other plants (plants tend to live in our windowsill rather than in our tiny, dark living room).

But now I'm taking it easy, because I sliced the tip of my thumb nearly off! Just like last time, it's my left hand and I cut it while cutting up food. (Last time: cheese, this time: oranges) This time, I really don't think it needs any kind of stitch, because it's mostly the skin along the tip. But ouch! I bandaged my thumb up tightly and have been keeping it elevated for hours.

Fun fact about me: this was enough to send me into shock. I'm still really light-headed, four hours later. I tried leaving a message on Brandy's machine and couldn't get the words "tip" and "thumb" right. I kept mixing them up.

And so I think I'm going to take some time for myself today.


Big C said...

Too bad about the thumb. However, this is clearly just a sign that you should have taken my advice about the colour of the table.

Either that or you should stop using double edged knives to cut up your food.

LynnieC said...

DUDE!!!! Phil from the Amazing Race is going to be at Chapters tonight (from 6-8pm, just in case Meg is reading this and wants to go).
Do you want me to go and give him a hug for you?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Lynnie: you really must go to Chapters and see Phil.

Big c: This is clearly a sign that your clothes leave nothing to the imagination. No wait, I already made that joke today (you'll get that message when you have coffee with Karl).

Meg P. said...

NOOOoooooo!!! Why didn't I read your blog earlier? I missed Phil! I hope he was as hot and strangely detached as ever.

LynnieC said...

I had to work, so I missed him too. Boo to that. He came to Regina once, maybe he'll come again?

No. I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

did you get a tetanus shot or is your one from high school still working?? I had to get one last year from a kitchen knife accident..they're good for 10 years! PS- they don't hurt at all like all the horror stories you hear...and it goes in your arm..although your arm is sore after but that's all.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Krissie: I got an updated tetanus shot about a year and a half ago, the last time I sliced a finger open with a kitchen knife. Chris is threatening to take away my knife priviledges.