Monday, April 09, 2007

Survival Techniques

I posed this question to my last seminar group, since they were all in the middle of the "I have so many more finals to write in the next week, and you should be glad that I've shown up for this seminar today" blues. Now I pose the question to you:

What are your methods for surviving the stressful crazy times? What keeps you sane?

My answers:
a.) I'm not sure that I really do stay sane through stressful times;
b.) I'm trying to walk a lot;
c.) I play the piano;
d.) I get really really silly, and play with the Lite Brite cube or dress up in crazy clothes.

How about you? How are you surviving until the end of the semester?


Marc said...

Um, I usually take a combination "this, too, shall pass"/"none of this is really important in the long run" approach. Well, mostly the "none of this is really important in the long run" part.

For example, there were a number of occasions in university on which I decided at the 11th hour that the stress wasn't worth it and that I would simply go to bed and hand the paper in late.

In retrospect, in the end sleeping through the night rather than writing through the night probably made for a better paper, so it all worked out anyway (lower mark for poorer work vs. higher mark for better work minus the late demerits).

Jen said...

I took two days off of real life last week and worked on my to do list. I only wish the same momentum of productivity had continued into today.

Ancarett said...

I set aside some time to play. When I was studying for my comps, I had an embroidery and beading project I could work at in between bouts of reading (sometimes even as I read with a good bookrest!). A few hours here and there spent with friends or catching up on a favourite show or novelist's work can be priceless.

One thing I almost never sacrifice is sleep. It's a vital necessity. I'd rather be two days later on marking than come into work on three hours of sleep!

LynnieC said...

I think you need a puppy. They make everything better.

I guess you have a Chris though. And he's silly and wiggly too.

Anonymous said...

And he sheds less.

May-B said...

I hope he sheds less.

I take naps. Lots of naps. Long naps. Sleep for 14 hour naps. Makes everything go away.

Marc said...

I totally didn't answer your question.

The proper answer would be:

1. Nap.
2. Games to distract (floor hockey, nintendo, PC games, board games, etc.)