Thursday, April 12, 2007

Endless Words

(To those who have tried calling me today and haven't reached me: the cordless phone battery died and it wasn't recharged enough for me to answer the phone. And I think Chris gave our corded phone to the Salvation Army.)

It's occurred to me that I spend my day steeped in words. Drowning in them, even. Yesterday, I woke up and read the introduction to a book while I sat under my SAD lamp. Then, I read some blogs and talked on the phone until I went to the university, where I finished reading that first book and then read a second one. On my breaks, I e-mailed and read stuff on the Internet. When I came home, Chris and I looked over and debated the draft Blogger Code of Conduct (our conclusion: ineffective and addressing the wrong problem), until we went to prayer meeting, where we talked and sang.

Talk, read, write, read, read, read. That's my entire day. So many words. I'm a combined word junkie, information junkie, and communication junkie.

I'm working on tapering back. (Not that I did that well this morning: phone calls and blogging. Then I'm going to go to the University and read two books by 10:00pm, while giving a final.) Yesterday, I walked home. And I hardly even thought. I just looked at stuff.

And, you know, it was kind of a relief.

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Big C said...

I thought your title for this was "Endless worlds" and then I wondered what it is you could be writing about.