Saturday, April 07, 2007

The internet's funny

Today, I stepped back and was weirded out by the following:

1. The fact that I'm avidly checking whether someone I only know over the internet has had her baby yet;

2. The fact that someone who was on my class trip to Europe (before I started my MA), and who is now living in Montreal, tracked me down over Facebook. This is weird to me for two reasons: a.) the fact that I can keep in touch with so many people over this oddity of a Facebook, and b.) the fact that he found me at all, considering the fact that the last time I saw him, I had a different last name.

3. The fact that I've come to the place where I'm impatient if a business doesn't have enough of an online presence. What do you mean I have to come into your store to find out how expensive your futon mattresses are? Why don't you have a website? Or a website that shows more than just the location of your store?

The whole world has gone insane. Or at least I have.

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