Wednesday, April 18, 2007


And so, after that last post, I mellowed out a bit. Okay, first I had a meltdown and vented about all the things that are stressing me out to Chris. And then I mellowed out. I slowed down.

I stayed home.

I put my hair into bobbly pigtails.

I took a long, hot bath.

I watched the water swirl down the drain.

I stared at familiar objects from unfamiliar angles, and ran my fingers along different surfaces, to study their textures.

I sat in silence.

I made faces at myself in the mirror.

I made a cup of tea.

I put on a Cat Stevens record.

I put in a load of laundry. (Somehow, that helped. Control over a small space?)

And now, after emptying out my brain for a while, I'm ready to finish this book and prepare for tomorrow's meetings.

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Limon de Campo said...

Good for you! Sometimes you just need to do stuff like that.