Friday, April 20, 2007


The past couple of days have been perfect. Overwhelmingly good, even. And so I thought I'd post about them, so that you all didn't think that I was all doom and gloom and panic attacks these days.

Yesterday started off as the complete opposite of Wednesday. Whereas on Wednesday I spent the day running behind and with smoke billowing out of every imaginable appliance, on Thursday morning I was consistently half an hour ahead of schedule. I did the last bit of preparing for my meetings and went to the University early, giving me lots of opportunity to sit in the sun and relax. (The meetings went really well, too.) The weather was so perfect that we went for a long walk in the evening.

And then today Chris took a vacation day and we spent the whole day being perfectly lazy. We decided not to tell people that he was taking the day off, so that we wouldn't end up making plans. The biggest plan we made was to walk to the mall and buy a TV antenna, one of those ones that look like a spaceship and trumpet about their ability to give you all kinds of crazy TV stations that you didn't know existed.

Okay, the antenna wasn't as revolutionary as we (I) hoped, but it did give us a couple of extra channels. Okay, most of the extra stations are American UHF stations, and two of them are in Spanish. (In spite of the Times-Colonist TV listing claims that we should be able to pick up all the American stations from here.) We got a big length of coaxial cable and (mostly for fun) Chris stood outside with the antenna, trying to see what stations it was even possible to pick up if you aren't in a basement suite. He stood in the back yard with this big spaceship-looking thing, pointing it in different directions and turning the dial while I shouted things like "Wait! I think I can see Oprah!"

And for crazy people like us, that's a good vacation day.

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