Friday, April 13, 2007

Best. Day. Ever.

We got our network working!

I've been unable to use our printer from my computer, or access files on Chris's computer (meaning that we'd have to burn BSG episodes onto CDs and then physically copy them onto my computer...) for months now. Actually, ever since we got back from The Flood of '07.

And then (mostly because Chris downloaded MST3K* and wanted to be able to put it onto my laptop, and then hook my laptop up to our TV), we fiddled around with a bunch of stuff that I swear we've done before, and this finnicky, high-maintenance network finally gave in and started working again.

Sheer bliss.

Oh yeah, and my Dad got out of the hospital today. I think that deserves a smiley-faced emoticon: :)

* Chris and I have a trade-off this evening. In exchange for his making me watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, I'm making him watch Newsies.


Lucy said...

Yay! I'm glad your dad is out of the hospital. :)

Bella Sultane said...

Yay! That's great news about your dad!

And Newsies (swoon). One of my fav movies when I was in middle school, so it still has a special place in my heart. :-)

arimich <> said...

YAY! Your dad is fantastic! Give him a big hug from me the next time you see him.

p.s. Your smiley-faced emoticon has four eyes. ;)

trillwing said...

Congrats on all counts, especially your dad.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Arimich: well, I also have four eyes, so...

And thanks to everyone else! We're really excited that he was doing well enough to come home.

roger said...

Good to hear about your dad.

And "made" you watch MST3K? You should be showering him with gifts right now.

The History Enthusiast said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well! I am such a Newsies fan too! Christian Bale is HOTT.