Saturday, March 03, 2007

*Blink Blink*

When I was younger (mostly in my teenaged years and very early twenties), my brother and I would regularly take three-hour naps. We'd each decide to take a small nap, and then fall so soundly asleep that we wouldn't wake up for another three hours. We'd wake up sometime around supper time, and then wander around like zombies. These naps would completely discombobulate us, and we sit around, blinking and speaking half-gibberish to each other.

And we loved it. I have no idea why, but we'd be far too pleased with ourselves and our three hour naps.

I'm just mentioning this because I had my first nap in a very long time. I usually fight off naps and try to save up that tiredness until bedtime. But the built-up dust and everything from the construction has gotten to me too much, and I slept heavily on the couch. I didn't sleep for three hours (but possibly for an hour and a half), but I'm still slowly regaining functionality, about twenty minutes after I finally sat up.

That's all. (Gee, I'm really non-profound these days, aren't it?)

Oh, and now I'm on the quest for farmer sausage. (It would also be called Graysons' Sausage, when I bought it at the Co-op.) I used to buy it at the Co-op Grocery Store in Regina. (Mmm...and bison sausage.) We drove out to the only Co-op on this whole pennisula today, because someone had once said that they sold it out there. And no. Still that same combination of greasier European sausages that we find in every other store here. Nothing resembling what I buy back home. (The store was also disappointingly West Coast. The one out in Ucluelet wasn't this bad. It even had a display of Corner Gas merchandise. Here, it was all West Coasty -- most of the aisles of the small store devoted to trendy coffee, organics, and Asian food. Which are good, and I appreciate that about the other grocery stores here, but this is Co-op! It's based out of Saskatoon! And their flyers are printed out there! They get my hopes up for food from home. And then they just have some caveat that this is a smaller store than most of the Co-ops, and so they may not carry everything from the flyer. /End rant)

I am very close to packing a cooler when I next go home. Would it be weird to take sausage on an airplane? And is anyone going anywhere close to Vancouver and then this Island anytime soon? I'm also dreaming about my pear tea, which is now out.

Pear tea and sausage. I guess I really am having weird dreams.


Meg Persson said...

One time my mom, before coming to visit me in Vancouver, took a roast out of the freezer, put it in a pot and carried it on to the airplane. It was just defrosted enough to put it in the oven for supper that night.

P.S. Karl is going to Vancouver next week, but I don't think that will help you get tea any faster.

doctor T said...

Have you checked Peppers? They have a whole lotta specialty sausages.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'll have to check it out. Although it's weird calling it "specialty sausage."