Friday, March 02, 2007


Now that my head's clearer for blogging again, I'm remembering all kinds of things that I'd forgotten to record for posterity, what with the sadness and the flooding.

On the day of my Grandmother's funeral, I made two of the most exciting purchases that I've made in a while. I recognise that I have a tendency towards being an emotional shopper, and yet sometimes a couple of well-timed awesome purchases can make the whole world better. And, dangit, we were going to be burying my Grandmother that day.

1. The best brown shoes ever. They have a heel. They have sweet little bows. They go with everything. They stand out. I got about twenty different compliments that day, including several "Where did you get those shoes?"es. They are spectacular and make me feel tall and powerful, plus a little bit retro. Paired with my shiny brown dress pants from Jacob and my new brown blazer (and sometimes a string of pearls), I am unstoppable. Paired with my new puffy pleated skirt and a sweater, I'm adorable.

2. A red Swingline stapler. You heard me. Chris and I were at North Battleford's new Staples, making some last-minute copies of things for the funeral, and I realised that I had forgotten to hit the "staple" button on the copier. I asked the folks at the copy centre whether there was any way I could get these stapled. They all just blinked at me. (The average age of the copy centre employees was about 11 1/2. And this was the best customer service I'd ever gotten in North Battleford.) Chris jumped in and said, "Or we could buy a stapler and do it ourselves later." They agreed that it was a good idea, even though we were about an hour and a half away from the funeral. As we browsed the staplers, Chris picked this one up. I'd been threatening to buy one for years. And it really is worth the money. It's the best stapler I've ever used. They didn't just take their regular stapler and paint it red. Chris told his co-workers and now they're jealous.

And that is why you shouldn't let me anywhere near office supply or shoe stores when I'm in any kind of mourning. (And that also gives you an insight into two of my most valued possessions, right now.)


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

ooh, I have a red Swingline stapler as well. I love it.

I have it in my office at school. The best thing is when people get the Office Space reference, I know they are cool.

liz said...

I wore those shoes in light beige to my wedding.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Good call, Liz. I love those shoes.

Anonymous said...

my husband has a swingline and he doesn't like me to use it. he's very protective of his stapler. if I borrow it, he comes and says "I believe that's my stapler..." :)

he actually just gave me a crappy stapler he got as some kind of goofy prize from work so I won't borrow it anymore.