Friday, December 15, 2006

Procrastinatory Meme-ing

I've seen this one everywhere, but most recently at May-B's place.

I'm supposed to record the first sentence of the first blog post of every month this year. This will be interesting:

January: [This one got recorded as the last blog post of the year, but it really was after midnight] How I rang in the New Year: since I had to leave Mike & Julia's party early (so that I could pack and get some sleep), I spent it packing, while listening to "This Year" by Chantal Kreviazuk.
February: Time: 10:37am
March: I'm in the PhD office again, desparately trying to make myself read about state size and GNP in nineteenth century Europe.
April: I'm buried under essays, at the moment.
May: Yesterday I had a bad headache.
June: Today more than amply makes up for yesterday.
July: Minions of the Queendom of West Procrastination!
August: Janny linked to this article, and I'm still not wrapping my mind around any of this news:
September: This is the Saturday of a weekend that I've traditionally spent outdoors in Northern Saskatchewan.
October: Chris and I use our blender a lot.
November: Before I descend into a sugar coma of Swedish Berries and Tootsie Rolls, I'll share with you a a highlight of the Procrastination Household's Halloween: aren't they pretty? [That was the entire post! Well, minus picture of candy apples.]
December: For some reason, December always takes me by surprise.

In twelve sentences, that's a pretty good summary of my year. Okay, and now I'll finish that essay!

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