Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So Funny

I really have had the weirdest coursework this semester. I'm still processing it.

The course where I had the worst first day, and where I had a panic attack, ended up being my favourite course. I was really sad that I missed filling out the course evaluation, because I have nothing but good to say about that prof. His compassion has really brought me through this semester. (The content of the course, not so much. The reading assignments were fantastic, but I never had the time to digest them, thanks to my wonky semester, and so I always felt like I was drowning, when I tried to discuss anything.)

The professor that I've had the most trouble reading, and the course where I've been the most consistently nervous and felt the most stupid? I got an e-mail from that prof today, in which he sent me my participation and presentation marks (50% of my final grade). At this point, before I hand in the essay worth the other 50%, I have an 84% in the class. He gave me 86% on the presentation I gave when I was sick and hardly coherent. And his feedback was really positive; we're both excited about where my essay is headed. So weird.

And the prof that I get along with the best? I'm struggling the most in her class. I keep getting really negative feedback on my written assignments. I'm not getting terrible marks out of her, but it's like I'm consistently disappointing her. Of course, it sounds like everyone's getting feedback like that from her, and I think she's just not obeying the essay marking rules that say that you should make sure you don't forget the positive feedback as well, but it's still rough to get an essay back from her. But, at the same time, we get along famously. In person, she's really funny and supportive, and she's having all of us to her house for supper when we hand in our essays. She has also set up a fantastic class dynamic with us. That is the class where we all root for each other, where we feel like a family and not like we're competing.

I don't know what to make of this all. But I have a feeling that somehow I'll end up missing my coursework. At least my cohort is making serious plans for get-togethers through the summer and next year, so that we're not going crazy by ourselves during our comps/thesis year.

Okay, that's just my academic rambling for tonight. I'd better get back to my essay.

Assigned page length: 15
I'm at: page 9
This paper is due: tomorrow afternoon.


May-B said...

A post so nice, she posted twice.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Mary, you'd better be looking at that photo of me being disapproving, because that's the look on my face right now. Page 9! Get back to work!
(pah! yeah, right! I've been procrastinating all day, too.)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, I'm on page 10 now...

And May-B, I don't know where my brain was when I posted this one. I had to go back and edit it so many times. And then I didn't even noticed I'd posted it twice.

Pink Cupcake said...

Hope you got to page 15 without too much trouble! :)