Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Good Sign

I've had Blogger open on my computer for the past hour, and I keep sitting down to write a post. But then I get distracted by ideas for my essay, and start writing more.

And even better sign, for the future of this essay, is the fact that I'll soon be supervising a final. I get really good work done when I'm supervising finals. It's such a boring job, and I'm just trapped there working. I'll keep my network card unplugged while I do that, I think.

But today has been a nice day. The in-laws took the bus to school with me, so that they could tour the campus gardens and go walking. It really isn't hard to entertain them. (When I woke up, they were out walking, and then they came home with muffins from Tim Horton's! I'm eating one of those muffins right now. And it's a Cranberry-Apple berry burst one!)

Good things about having in-laws here while I write essays:
1. My house stays clean, because we're in company mode. I get better work done when I'm not distracted and frustrated by mess.
2. I have several people cooking meals, meaning that I'm eating well.
3. I'm forced to have structure in my day.

And now I'd better run! I have to go the History Office before the final. (Yay, unknown cheque waiting for me! Yay, logging my hours after working 46 hours in two weeks! Yay, money!)


Weezy said...

MMMMM.... Tim Horton's

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Welcome, weezy!