Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It's funny how busy I ought to be right now. I should have my marking in on Thursday. I'm going to take the "out" that the instructor provided, and hand the essays back on Monday. I should be doing a bunch of reading for Friday morning's class, on top of preparing for Friday afternoon's presentation. I've decided that the presentation is the important thing, and that anything else will just drain my energy. And so, that's the only thing that I will finish this week. My prof for my Tuesday class shifted stuff around so that I can present next week. There's no urgent reason why I even need to attend my Friday morning class.

This has happened so many times. I put myself under so much stress in a semester, to the point where I ought to be working non-stop. And then I get really sick, or someone dies, and I have to re-evaluate my schedule. (Trust me: one or the other has happened in the second half of my semester of, like EVERY SEMESTER OF COURSEWORK EVER. Especially when I hit honours and grad studies.) It's funny how quickly I can adapt to the new roadblock. An extension here, miss a class there, skip that week's readings. I learn what's necessary and what's just going to add to my stress. And, every time, I come out fine.

And so, I'm going to mark a few more essays tonight (because that takes very little brainpower), and stay home from prayer meeting (because I hardly have the energy to get off the couch right now). My ILL book is being taken in a day late. And I'm going to make things work.


Matt said...

I'm sure your students would find it comforting to know that it takes very little brain power to mark their essays. I'd suggest using the "stair grading system", except you don't have any stairs to work with.

Sarcastic comments aside, I hope you feel better soon, and make sure you don't overtax yourself.

Cramsey said...

I like the way you worded that. "I get really sick or someone dies."

It sure sounds like a threat to me.
I am just glad you chose to be sick this year.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Cramsey, don't make me regret my decision to get sick this semester.