Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Complete Mortification

Okay, so I'm re-reading the conclusion of my thesis, and I read this clause: "more significantly, they do begin to sympathise with the Nazis." I meant "do not"! Where did the "not" go? This was the most important statement of my entire thesis, and I missed one word that entirely reverses what I was claiming! Fortunately, I go on to elaborate, and so it doesn't entirely seem like I contradict my entire thesis in the conclusion. But I have the vapours with a vengeance. I just called the main characters of all three novels Nazi sympathisers.

This is worse than getting Dr. B's middle initial wrong in the Acknowledgement.

How did this pass through all the levels of editing and Dr. B's readings? This isn't like the Acknowledgment, which I didn't edit.

I'm going to go eat ice cream now.


Cramsey said...

Well, you might as well go the whole way. Why not start out your defense by suggesting that your examiners bear a striking similarity to woodland animals and that you could hold their knowledge on your subject in an empty pea-shell.

Or I guess you could always try bribery. It works for me.

Kristiface said...

I never read anything after I'm DONE with it unless I have to. My thesis was meticulously picked over in all but the third chapter. And I glanced at it after I had turned the whole thing in and the last pages of that chapter were RIDDLED with typoes and mis-spellings. YUCK!

Meg said...

Oh, Mary. How you must be feeling! I'm sure it'll turn out right in the end. Hey, if it made it past Dr. B, it might have passed by the others too. If not, it's the only major fault that you found - and that's pretty good.

Love you!


Janny said...

You situation is similar to the "Sinner's Bible". There was one error in the whole text:
"Thou shalt committ adultery"
Use that story at your thesis defense. Make them laugh and all will be forgiven.
You could also ask to borrow their copies and write in the word not.
It would also be funny if once you "slipped" and called it the "wiener republic".

Without me its just aweso