Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quickly running by

Hi. I'm supposed to be getting ready for my day right now, seeing as I have TA orientation at 10:30 and I want to go early to fax some marriage certificate request stuff to Saskatchewan. But I was just dropping by to say "hi" to y'all. Not that I had much to say right, but who knows when I'll have time to post again before I'm in Regina? Today is busy busy busy and then tomorrow morning I fly.

Only a few more days until my defense! I'm feeling better about it, now that I've gone back over my thesis. I'm going to take the three novels along with me in the plane, so I can review them as well. Maybe Deborah Smail. That's a good plan. I'll be fine.

For another note, I just noticed some of the fixtures around here mildly shaking, kind of like when a train was going by in the distance at home. My friend Rebecca told me that it's a daily earthquake. Because we have daily, almost imperceptible, earthquakes. Kids put pencils on their desks and watch for them to wobble, to know when there's an earthquake. Weird.


Jen said...

That is wierd. It is also freaky. People in Edmonton like solid ground beneath our feet. We like it a lot.

arimich <> said...

Congratulations on your first earthquake! Fun, eh? :)