Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Further Confessions by the Queen of WP

Okay, so the girls over at Amandolyn and Ky are are confessing embarassing stories about themselves these days, and so I feel the need to copy them. Because I'm their special guest and all. Not necessarily embarassing, but just random things:

1.) I still have bits of toenail polish on my toenails, FROM MY WEDDING! Yes, that's two months ago on Friday. (My toenails were blue.)
2.) Phobias: (okay, I've listed these before, but I've come up with more) kidnapping, tornados, losing everything in a housefire, spiders, being cut by a sharp object (or more specifically, dropping a knife on the floor and having it stab my foot -- it's never happened, but it could!), that people in stores will think I'm shoplifting, dying in a car accident. That kidnapping phobia's from childhood, but it still lingers.
3.) Number of Glenn Miller CDs I own: more than 10. I'm too lazy to count them. (Many of them were presents, from friends who were aware that I was a Glenn Miller fan, and that especially I studied well to him.)
4.) I own Newsies in VHS, DVD, Soundtrack and songbook form.
5.) A Mighty Wind: DVD, Soundtrack and Songbook.
6.) Sense and Sensibility: VHS, DVD, oddly enough I don't have the soundtrack (but would love to have it, and have a dubbed copy from ages ago somewhere) and screenplay with Emma Thompson's diaries. I have read the diaries several times, and have watched the movie while following with the screenplay, noticing the changes they made in editing. In fact, when Emma Thompson started dating Greg Wise (Willoughby), I went back through the diaries, to their first meeting, to look for clues.
7.) I own about four copies of Jane Eyre and a comparable number of copies of Pride and Prejudice.
8.) I was once bored in class when I was in Grade 5, and started reading through the dictionary, and then a kid asked me why I was doing that, and I said (and I don't know why): "I want to improve my vocabulary." And then I got teased about it and someone told my sister and she made fun of me. It haunted me.
9.) When I was in Grade One, I obsessively loved my runners and my Canada Flag gym bag, both of which I had gotten the previous summer in Calgary. At recess, lunch time, and home time I would put my shoes carefully in my gym bag, and carry it with me everywhere. Finally, one day my Mom came to pick me up from school, and I was being slow with my shoes and gym bag, and she told me to just leave them on my chair, like all the other kids did. "Nothing will happen to them overnight!" she told me, exasperated at her crazy child. And then that night the school burnt down.
10.) Ky, Lyn and I used to make up detective radio shows called Spade King: Private Eye. I was really into writing the episodes. Ky did an awesome Brooklyn accent. We also made a soap opera, starring our Barbies (at an age that was way too old to be playing with Barbies) called "16 going on 30." I am thankful that none of said tapes showed up at my wedding.
11.) When I was in Grade 7, I had only my bangs and the front section of my hair permed. I looked like a poodle.
12.) I am a linguistic sponge. Anything I say that's in any way remotely clever is actually a copy of somebody else. In fact, the phrase "I'm a linguistic sponge" is Lyn's.

Other notes, as a result of compiling that list:
a.) When I looked up Newsies on IMDb, there was an entry on the forum proposing a Newsies game, by a mrs_daniel_radcliffe_4ever. Lyn, is that you? Ky?
b.) Amazon has advertised a book that has the sheet music (piano, vocal, guitar) from Sense and Sensibility! And it's $5, and 12 pages long! I MUST OWN IT! Wow. I would be able to play "The Dreame" while I sing it.


LynnieC said...

Can I go halvsies and photocopy it?

Ky said...

Ok, why is it that the only TRULY embarrassing thing you list has to drag Lyn and I into it? Jeepers! I can't believe you admitted the Barbie thing. And that you even remembered the name of the soap.

Also, I had a lot of fun mentally removing commas from your list of what you were afraid of. In my head, you were afraid that tornados that kidnap would lose everything in a housefire, and of spiders that get cut by a sharp object.

Janny said...

To clear things up:
* You told your classmates that you were reading the dictionary to "heighten your vocabulary". Word nerd.
*The school did not burn down. The kindergarten room was damamged. Since your classroom was next to the fire they had to spray in there too. You things were lost due to water damage. Come on now!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Come on now. What makes a better story: "And then that night the school burnt down" or "And then that night there was a major fire that started in the classroom next to mine, and so everything in my room was lost due to smoke and water damage." We always just used the phrase "the school burnt down." It's shorthand.

Ky said...

It's also cleverly hyperbolic. Dramatic lying to enhance the exposition of a story and to shorten it is always, always! good.