Thursday, August 25, 2005


  • When I was in elementary school I had a penpal, acquired through Girl Guides, from Norway. Her name was also Maryanne.
  • I eventually also got a penpal from Finland. One time, she sent me candy through the mail. Her name was Jenny.
  • Sometimes I make a chocolate spread for toast, where I mix Quik powder with margarine. My sister is still convinced that I am going to become diabetic, as a direct result of chocolate toast. I found this recipe on the back of a Quik container.
  • I have a bunch of picture frames on display that don't have pictures in them yet. Or rather, that don't have my pictures in them yet. They still have the photo frame people in them. And occasionally, people ask me whose wedding pictures they are.
  • I accidentally moved across the country with three library books. I sent them home with friends.
  • Sometimes I watch Little Women to have a good cry.
  • I used to run down the hallway and hide whenever Curious George got in trouble. As a result of this practice, I sometimes hide my head during scary parts of movies.
  • I own several ABBA albums.
  • And the Carpenters.
  • And three different soundtracks of West Side Story.
  • In my second year of university, I once went for two weeks wearing pyjamas to school. That was a stressful two weeks. (I won't mention how Ky wore the same pair of sweatpants for that two weeks. No sir, I won't.)
  • I have a not-so-hidden passion for karaoke.
  • I wore knee-high leather boots to my honours defence, to keep me from feeling intimidated. After that day, I referred to those boots as my "Boots of Power."
  • I'm still taking suggestions for what I'll wear to my thesis defence. I'm considering wearing my Batman t-shirt underneath a dress shirt, so I can feel like a superhero.
  • In Grade 12, I was briefly known as "Batman."
  • In Grade 12, I also only wore jeans to school once. On that day, my English class came to a halt, in order to discuss everyone's feelings upon seeing me wearing jeans. Normally, I wore polyester from the 1970s.
  • I own a pair of polyester pants that once belonged to my Great-grandfather. Some people get grossed out by that fact.
  • I sometimes have panicked flash-backs to embarassing things I did in my past. As a result of discovering a comic strip where the main character gets those same flashbacks, Ky and I now call those flashbacks "Drabblations." We've even verbed it: "I'm still Drabblating about what I said to my prof the other day."
  • I've now spent twenty minutes crafting this post. I will not proofread it.


Becca said...

I am finding it amusing that you are fonduing this week as yesterday I had a fondue party with the girls at the Mission - so good- I tried battering vegetables for the first time - IT WAS AMAZING - and I made a homemade teryikai sauce - my "repertoire" of fondue is inceasing... WOot! WooT! - I also agree with the not finding it intimidating anymore... It's actually pretty amazing how I think... we can just have a fondue party - and do it... it's fun...
Anyhow... enough about the beloved fondue... i miss you...

arbonnais said...

For your thesis defence, I think you should acquire a pair of Wonder Woman underwear. She's clever AND strong - just what you need to be for the occasion. And, if the panel gets too irritating, you can always envision using the Wonder Woman golden lasso on them.


Anonymous said...

I'm not grossed out by the fact that you own something your great-grandfather wore. It's more the fact that you WEAR them. So creepy.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love your granpa pants. Don't let the man get you down! Wear those pants until you DIEEEE!

Man, those two weeks where I only got out of those sweatpants to bath were a rough rough two weeks. Remember my victory bath? Or was it my bath of triumph? That was the best bath ever. It's really gross to me that I associate the best bath of my life with "80 tiny skeletons". But what can you do?

LynnieC said...

I associate the best LAUGH of my life to "80 tiny skeletons". Or that time when Dr G (of 80 tiny skeletons fame) told me on Halloween that there was someone dressed as Marilyn Monroe in his class that morning. To which I reply "Gosh, you must have found that prety distracting". Followed by awkward silence and me leaving the elevator shortly thereafter.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Man, it's like when Ky and I showed up at Dr. G's office and he mentioned that we were pretty inseperable, and I said, "We're cousins and we're pretty much joined at the hip!" and then he raised his eyebrows and then there was an awkward silence.

And Jen, I'm so pumped about the prospect of Wonder Woman underwear, and especially about lasooing people with my mind. Why didn't I think of this before?

All in all, this is a good day. I should confess embarassing things more often.

Anonymous said...

Who is Dr. G? I MUST have my share in the conversation! I am exceedingly attentive to these sort of things. This is all very vexxing. I give no regards to your mother, you deserve no such attention. Obstinate, headstrong girl, I'm ashamed of you!


PS. 50 points to who guesses what I've been watching lately!

Anonymous said...

OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!! MEG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! You are being the Great Lady Catherine DeBurgh of Pride and Prejudice.

Kristin said...

If other people are grossed out by you wearing your grandfather's pants...they obviously haven't heard the 'Omi-gotch' story....ask Janice..I'm sure she remembers!

Janny said...

"My sister is still convinced that I am going to become diabetic, as a direct result of chocolate toast."
Lies. It makes me gag. I never said you would become diabetic.

The "Omi-gotch" story is about the fact that our cousin Darryl inherited some of Great Grandpa Omund's underwear. That is gross. "Omi-gotch" is a bad pun like Kristin's "Happy Moo Year".

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, the classicness of inheriting Great-Grandpa's underwear. Chris is freaked out that I called it "classic," because "it implies it happens often."

Jen said...

Well, it has never happened to me....