Monday, June 06, 2005

Queen of WP on Tour: For One Week Only

I'm not sure how much I'll get to update over the next couple of days (I'm trying to get a bunch of work done, because the next, near-final, draft has to be in before I leave town) and so you can receive plenty of warning that I'll be out of town and away from the procrastination for a week. Okay okay, it'll be like the most spectacular procrastination exercise ever.

The Far West Procrastination Tour:

Wednesday to Friday: Vancouver, sight-seeing, shopping and general "bashing around" with Karl and Ariann, fresh from Taiwan!!!

Friday to Sunday: Meet up with the Great Western Canadian Roadtrip (otherwise known as Derek, Becca et al), and then weddingifying in Abbotsford. (My friend Julia is getting married.)

Sunday to Wednesday: Victoria, where I will search for an apartment and meet with UVic people.

My goals for the Far West Procratination Tour:
  • Find a suitable apartment. Bonus points for non-carpeted floors. Super bonus points for a washer and dryer.
  • Buy a pretty dress in Vancouver for the Abbotsford wedding. Use said dress for wedding-related functions for the rest of summer.
  • Find tea for Meg in Vancouver.
  • Visit Chinatown for as long as possible, for Ari. Let her get really really excited, as only she (a cute ball of energy) can. We can all assume that she will try to use some of her new language skills at every occasion.
  • Go to the Regent College bookstore, for Karl. Let him get to be his equivalent of Ari's excitement, which means he'll call things "capital" and analyse things in a more animated fashion.
  • Visit with my friend Laura.
  • I'm getting to sleepy to think about anything else. Let's think about the pretty dress a little more. Pretty.

Okay, I think it's sleepy time for Queenie. Well, I got a bunch of editing done tonight, and did a bunch of tour-related phoning. I've also sent out roughly a bajillion e-mails, and have ignored lingering feelings of guilt regarding things I've left undone this weekend.

If I update again before I leave, remind me to muse on Mosaic, our city's international festival. JCQ requested such an analysis, on her blog.


justanothergirl said...

oh my goodness! enjoy your trip miss mary. vancouver, victoria, abbotsford, oh my! (i am the mysterious and powerful oz)

vancouver and victoria are amazing, especially this time of year. may i recommend the vancouver zoo to you in stanley park? so fun. they have a giant beluga whale tank. as well, if you're in shopping mode, check out robson - they have a new kiehl's store there that is handmade cosmetics heaven. also, ensure you get some time down at granville island - they have a sweet market there with lots of artisans making many creative things.

and victoria is awesome - check out the undersea gardens for some undersea adventures. they have an octopus. it has 8 legs.

have fun :)

Jen said...

When you are in Victoria, go to Beaufort Gardens-- they are beautiful. This will be one of your last times as a tourist, and as a resident I don't think it would be near as much fun.

Meg Persson said...

Just a quick note to clear something up:

The Vancouver Zoo is in Chilliwack; the Vancouver Aquarium is in Stanley Park.

Sorry to be a pain.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

And all of these things are near enough for us to be getting there, because we're also going to Abbotsford which is on the other side of Chilliwack. But we can't make it those places, this trip. Not a lot of time, when you only have a day in the city, and you've just picked up a jet-lagged kid from Taiwan (more later)!