Thursday, April 21, 2005

Things Beginning to Take Shape...

I'm getting the editing done tonight. Actually, I have to hand it in tomorrow morning. I have not other option, realistically. But, things are going quickly now, and I should be able to get things done.

I talked to my friend Brandy tonight, and her husband Chad just got a job, and starts on Monday! (It's landscaping work, along with some home renovations.) Now, they need to find someone to watch their daughter, until Brandy's off for the summer (she's a TA in an elementary school). Meg and I talked it over, and we offered to take the wee one until the end of May. Well, hopefully Meg will have a summer job, but I have very little planned for May. And it gives me a chance to spend time with my flower girl, it allows me to be at home, and brings in some extra money! (Pretty much enough to cover my share of the bills for June.) And it should be pretty flexible; I'm sure we can find someone to watch her while I go to visit Chris. (I can just hear Christopher worrying about that one now.)

So: yay! I get some quality Wee Girlie-time, Meg will have next week off, which will be good for when I'm finishing off the picky final stuff with the thesis, and for the month of May I'll have a reason to get up in the morning and to eat meals at regular times. (And I'll be able to truck her around places, if I need to do errands or go anywhere, provided that it doesn't interfere with her naps.) And it's a child that I'm very used to. I know her routines already, and she knows me.

This makes me smile. I hope we have some good weather, so that we can go for walks to the playground.

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Chris Reed said...

I'm glad that you are thinking of me but the thought that babysitting would keep you from visiting me didn't even register in my mind until you mentioned it. Maybe I'm less self absorbed than you think? ;)