Friday, April 22, 2005

Kids: Don't Try This At Home

Okay. There's no way that this should've worked out well. And yet it did.

a.) I still haven't gone to bed;

b.) During a week where I've been staying home, because I've been sick, and on Wednesday night the only way I could get a decent night's rest was with the help of Nyquil (and I still woke up a bunch of times);

c.) Because I was talking with Brandy and Meg until midnight, after Brandy brought over some stuff for babysitting Kira on Monday;

d.) And I'm not even a little tired (I think the sunlight has me fooled that I can't sleep now, anyway);

e.) And, against my better judgement (because I knew it would make me feel gross, considering my cold), I had coffee at 10:30 last night;

f.) And I'm feeling better than I've felt for days;

g.) And I got a ridiculously large amount of work done last night! I mean, I was brilliant! I completely re-worked the second chapter (which was the biggest thing I had to do), in such a way as I'm really happy with it!

Something doesn't work out in that equation; it's entirely counter-intuitive. Honestly, I felt better, and had more energy, the later it got. So, by the way, thanks to all of you who've been praying for me to get through this week.

Now, to do some more tweaking on Chapter 3, add in a couple more quotations to Chapter 1, and utterly re-write my conclusion. It should take a couple more hours. But in a couple more hours, it'll still be morning! Wow. That's rare for me.

I heard Meg's alarm clock go off. Maybe I should freak her out.

And I repeat: Kids, don't try this at home.


Becca said...

you crack me up... nuf said...

Life of Turner said...

It's the old George philosophy from "The Opposite." Roughly paraphrased, it is the idea that "If these bad things keep on happening to me because of my instincts, then every instinct I have must be wrong, and the opposite must be right!" This leads to meeting a girl and a job with the New York Yankees. In your case, every normal urge you had wasn't working, and the opposite did! Way to think like Costanza!

Derek out.

Meg Persson said...

Yeah, thanks for freakin' me out ya big crazy person. You're so dead to me it's unspeakable.