Friday, April 22, 2005

Evidence of the state of my brain...

As posted (by me), on A Mandolyn and Ky, just a moment ago:

Did you hear about how Carly Simon auctioned off the information of who
"You're So Vain" is about? But that person had to sign some confidentiality
a.) It would totally suck if the answer was, like, "It's called creative
writing, moron. And thanks for the thousands of dollars. Too bad you can never
tell anyone, or I get to sue you."
b.)I'd hate it if the answer actually WAS Warren Beatty, and you'd spent
all that money just to know for sure.
c.)But wouldn't it be awesome if it was someone totally out of the blue?
Like Mr. T, or Richard Nixon? But you could never tell anyone?
I haven't slept in a while. It might be apparent.

Yeah. I think I need to finish this thingy and then sleep. Too bad it's only my brain that's off.

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