Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today's Achievements

First wake up before 5 am: check.

Get up an hour before alarm clock: check.

Read countless books and journal articles: check

Take out four more books: check.

Buy $30 worth of cold-related merchandise (cold medicine, lotiony Kleenex, juice, etc.) at Wal-Mart: check.

Allergy shot, in spite of near-fever: check.

Drink seven boxes of Vita-Burst juice: check.

Discover that they only recommend you have three boxes of Vita-Burst a day: check

Drink one more box anyway: check.

Take part in a discussion about eight month old eggrolls in comments section: check.

Sleep for two hours on a couch, with More Lives Than One by Jenny Williams in my hands: check.

Avoid answering the phone, due to lack of voice: check. (Sorry, Becca!)

Use entire Kleenex box in half a day: check

Take bath, in spite of the fact I showered this morning, for the steam and to soak my hip muscles: check.

Discover I forgot to research Aristide Briand and Pierre Laval: check.

Find a way around it: I think I did.

Consistently lose at Mah-Jong and Spider Solitaire, due to fuzziness in head: check.

Attempt to play said games anyway: check.

Catch up with an old friend through e-mail: check!

Manage to whine on blog for a couple of days in a row: check.

Manage to actually get some editing done, in spite of myself: check.


Jen said...

Well, I was about to say that was excedeingly impressive to do in the few short hours this day has been, but then I noticed that the time said you'd written this last night.

That explains it.

P.S. If you are sick, you should sleep more. ;)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

If I could sleep, I would sleep more!

Chris Reed said...

poor Mary

Crazy Legs said...

You're my hero.