Monday, April 18, 2005

Someone E-mail Me Some Chicken Noodle Soup

I hate how colds just suddenly hit me unexpectedly, not unlike a truck.

I was working on my thesis at school today (note to my parents: "I was working on my thesis at school today...") when suddenly, I started feeling like I was reacting to something. And then I realised that my throat has been having that "I feel like I'm reacting to something" feeling for a couple of days now. So maybe it's not a reaction. And then I fell asleep in my book. And then, when I got home, my house could not be warm enough! I was closing windows and putting on sweaters, as my poor roommate was saying, "But it's just nice in here! How can you find it cold?" And suddenly it's full-on cold: achey, sore throat, crazies in the head, temporary narcalepsy. The whole deal.

I had a hot bath, with some eucalyptus oil in it, and that helped somewhat. I'm probably also going to bed early. I'll soon take part in some peppermint scandal-potion. My roommate and her Karl are very nice to me: they're getting me a jug of apple juice, some Vitamin C and some Halls. Oh boy. I think I'm going to put on my pyjamas and wrap up in a fuzzy blanket, while I drink my tea. Maybe then I will finish re-reading Deborah Smail. (By the way: anyone have an extra $100, so that I can buy my own copy of The Single Most Important Secondary Source Pertaining to My Thesis, and Which Is Only Available Through Inter-Library Loans? No? Hm. Or do I want to take a chance and special order it from Amazon, in case there actually is a copy available somewhere? Yeah, I do want to take that chance.)

Odds are that I'll wake up feeling better, tomorrow. That's been the nature of my colds, lately. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Excuse any and all of the spelling and grammatical mistakes in this post. I'm not really seeing straight, nor do I have the patience to proofread.


arimich <> said...

Oh Mary, you're so funny when you have a cold. I am sympathetic to your plight, but I'm also enjoying the mental picture of you in crazy mode. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Chris Reed said...

You are probably all cute wrapped up in a blanket with a scrunchy nose. I love you. I'll pray that you get well soon.

Becca said...

hey there Mary... Wish I was there to make you some chicken noodle soup...I'm sure you're doing some good cuddling though - and that's important! be better soon I love you sweetie :)

Jen said...

I can empathize with you, Maryanne, because I also have a cold. Luckily, so far it is not affecting my nose, it s mainly lodged in my glands and lungs.

When I drink my apple juice, I'll think of you too.