Thursday, April 14, 2005


Today's OED Word of the Day ("Scandal") informed me that in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries some writers referred to tea as "scandal-water," "scandal-broth" or "scandal-potion." Usually, it was in reference to gossips drinking tea. I shall start referring to my tea as "scandal-potion."

The music on "Jazz After Hours" on CBC 2 sounds like scary old-timey sci-fi music. Weird.

Meg was looking for her "snappy clips" (for her hair) and I heard "Snuffy flips".

I guess I'll get back to work now. Our power went out briefly this evening. I'm glad I'm on a laptop and it wasn't an issue. The power went out because it's ridiculously windy outside, and so it sounds like a murder mystery outside my window. If the power goes out again, I'm convinced that, when it comes back on, I'll discover that Meg's been blugeoned by a candlestick! And I'll have to solve the crime, using my abilities as a historian, and then that'll start me on my career as a crime-fighting historian. I'm going to have to get a typewriter.

Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

The last time I was listening to jazz on the CBC, they played "golf jazz." Who knew that was a genre of music? I didn't. I'm not really sure how its different from regular jazz either.

Chris Reed said...

I'm not sure whether to think of you as Jessica Fletcher or as Nancy Drew now. You had some definite Nancy Drew tendancies before and you are younger than Angela Lansbury who played Jessica Fletcher. But you are much wiser and less spontaneous than Nancy Drew. Hmmm. Oh well.

Meg Persson said...

Hey, it's not my fault you're deafer than... I don't know.. something that's deaf.


LynnieC said...

you know, Murder, She Wrote used to be one of my very favourite shows when I was little. Mostly just for the theme song. And if you ever want to have an even GREATER respect for Angela Lansbury, watch The Harvey Girls. SO good.