Thursday, April 14, 2005

European Dreaming, On Such a Summer Day...

Okay, it's actually spring, but that doesn't fit into the line. It is very much spring outside, and that makes me feel like being in Europe. It doesn't help that Lyn was recently noting that IGA smells like the Monoprix. (Sorry, Lynnie.) Look at me, all joyful in Paris, and getting as close as I ever got to the Tour Eiffel (but I didn't get pick-pocketed, and we saw Paris from up high, for free, from the top of Montmartre):

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Yup, that was me, two years ago. Not languishing away in my room. So, because I'm missing Europe, I thought I'd share some of my favourite pictures I took in Paris and Berlin. Okay, so the rest of these pictures are from Berlin, actually. Apparently, I didn't scan as many of my Paris pictures.

This one made my friend Justin (also a part of our group that went on the trip) to accuse me of "actually making Berlin pretty":

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And this one is in the Neue Wache on Unter den Linden in Berlin (the "New Guardhouse" of the old palace). It is now a monument to the victims of wars, with a reproduction of Käthe Kollwitz's Piéta in the middle (another member of our group is looking at the statue):

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That same group member also ended up in my picture of one of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall (notice the word "Madness" on the wall), with the Nazi airforce building in the background, and a bunker in the ground (it's now has stuff about the history of the SS). I was playing with an imaging program that came free with the scanner, and came up with this:

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Okay, I'm good now. Reminiscing time is over. Now I'll get back to The Salaried Masses by Siefried Kracauer (I'm found some good quotes from it, and now I'll find places to put them, in the thesis).

Realistically, I've had a good day. I managed to clean my room last night before I went to bed, and so I've been able to work in my room. And I was getting sleepy, and so I walked to the store on the corner to get my free Pepsi that I won from under the cap of another drink! It was a good walk.

I'm wearing: a fuschia tanktop, jeans, and was previously wearing a black cardigan. Barefoot, too.

I'm listening to: "Disc Drive" on CBC 2. (Yay, Jurgen Gothe!)

I'm domestic today because: I have a roast nearly finished cooking, in the slow-cooker. I'm cooking it in red wine vinegar, some sage and a bay leaf. I'm soon going to have to add some potatoes and maybe some vegetables, if I can find any.


LynnieC said...

Boo. I miss Europe like crazy. And Mark left today for Germany where he'll be till September.
Is it possible that Johnny Cash was a guest voice on The Simpsons as a coyote in a vision Homer had?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I remember Johnny Cash as the coyote. Was that the same episode when Homer ate the really really hot pepper and hallucenated (I can't spell today), and the coyote told him to find his soul mate or something, and somehow Homer ends up in a light house? Yeah, I remember that.

Stupid Mark going to Germany. He won't be at my wedding. And he'll be in Germany for white asparagus season and when the trees bloom.

Chris Reed said...

You were looking all hot and stuff hanging out in Paris. And Berlin did look nice there. Was that just beside the redone city core? I swear that city has reinvented itself more than any other place on Earth.

arimich <> said...

I love Justin! Will you say hello to him for me, please? I really enjoyed him. I enjoy you as well. :)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Chris -- this is a picture taken of the Spree River, and there is a mix of old and new buildings there. You can see the Dom, the Protestant Cathedral, on the far left, and I'm not even sure what else.

LynnieC said...

That totally was the episodfe where Homer ate the hot hot chili. So good.
And everytime I see white asparagus I try to explain to people how in Germany its a HUGE deal, but they just don't get it.
And I'm with Ariann. I enjoy Justin too. Where the heck is that guy?

Life of Turner said...

Bold statement time: Guatemalan insanity pepper episode (the one of which you speak) in top 10 Simpsons episodes ever. Check my blog within the week for the list. Should be good.

Derek out.

P.S. Yay hot Maryanne in France! Better than freakishly skinny Maryanne in front of Zoo Station! Though still an incredibly thoughtful gesture. 12 sleeps!