Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thanks for the imaginary soup...

You are all so nice to me. Now, my minions: can you send imaginary kicks in the shins to SSHRC, for rejecting my funding application? Excellent.

Yeah, worst day ever to get that letter. I'm going on remarkably little sleep, ended fairly early this morning when I was startled awake after a terrible nightmare. I woke up overheated, and wasn't able to go back to sleep, although I tried for a good hour. Meg is very good to me, however. Last night she brought me all kinds of good things from the pharmacy, and today she made me tea, and was all excited to take care of me.

I am wearing: pyjamas (Paris pyjama pants and the Pinky and the Brain shirt, still), my Glad Tidings bunnyhug and rubber-soled slippers.

I am sitting: in the sunlight, on Becca's couch.

Cups of tea drunk today: two (one peppermint, by Meg, and one Honey, Lemon and Ginseng, with a honey, lemon and echinacea cough drop melted in it).

Food consumed today: one bowl of porridge.

Books read today: I finished Deborah Smail, and now I'm going to go over the hard copy of my thesis and figure out more changes I can make. (It's easier to work with the paper copy.)

Best Time on CBC Kids Mah Jong: 3 and a half minutes.


Chris Reed said...

I have called in some favours to my Ottawa network and I can only say that Marc Renaud will have an unfortunate experience in the next few days. I cannot say more and have likely said too much already.

LynnieC said...

Dude. Those SSHRC idiots gave "No-Tears" (you know who) a friggin SSHRC and not you?????????
And I JUST realized that your parents read your blogs. I will henceforth watch my language.

Becca said...

o sweetie - stinky day... I wish it was me huggin' yah and not just my couch... but soon and very soon :)... Anyhow... keep sippin' the tea and cuddlin' on the couch... and yah - I'm kickin' SSHRC in my head (picture me pointing to my head as if to say "ouchies")... anyhow... smile today k?
love you