Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wrapped in a Fleece Blanket

I've been having a quiet day. I'm reviewing a collection of translated primary sources, called The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, to see if I can find some more context for my second chapter. I've read a lot of the sources, but that was a year and a half ago. My memory = not so good. I've spent most of the day sitting on my bed, wrapped in a fleece blanket, and I'm wearing the Official Clothes of Lazy Days: my matching yoga outfit (all navy blue, with a white stripe going down my sides). And my hair is wet and messy.

While the work is good, and while I know that not talking is keeping my throat from getting any more irritated (I'm catching the roommate's cold), I am going to need to do something happy for a break. Maybe I need to get out of the house. Or do the dishes, so that I don't feel like I'm messy.

Any other suggestions for happy things to keep me going? I'm throwing this question out to the crowd.

For starters, I think I'm going to open the Venetians wider, and let more sunlight in. Then, I think I'm going to play uplifting music. Yay.

Another musing of my day: if I move to Victoria, would I then be the Queen of Far West Procrastination?

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Becca said...

lol I think you posted this like 10 minutes before I came to check it out... anyways... things to brighten your day that I can think of - get wiggly! dance in the kitchen... make some popcorn and snuggle in your fleece blanket while listening to some good tunes and drinking a yummy London Fog... Other than that... mmm.. smile... love you hon