Thursday, March 17, 2005

Late-Night Editing After Fondue

My day has been all over the place. In the morning, I finished Chapter 2 and printed off the first draft. I also talked for an hour with my friend Terra (good times, although it's still crazy to me sometimes to realise that we're all grown up -- we talk about grown-up things). Then, I went to the University and had my allergy shots (the food serum came in yesterday!) and ran into Neighbour Eldon, who I offered a ride home. We ended up talking for quite a while, and we drank tea (Peach Apricot Rooisbos or something) while sitting on the floor here. Fun.

For supper, Meg and I fondued! It was definitely "In Memory of Becca, Who is in Ohio." We used both of her big pots. We forgot to buy more fuel, so we had to leave the oil burner pot on the stove, and we set up the the electric one beside the stove, and ate around the oven. Chicken, mushrooms, yellow peppers, and two kinds of bread, in oil and in "Karen and Becca's Secret Recipe Cheese Fondue." (Thank you for letting me in on the secret! I am still guarding it carefully.) We also have everything for Ariann's Macintosh Toffee dessert fondue, but we were full. I may end up making this tomorrow afternoon. (Ari: Co-op didn't have the toffee bars, so I'm going to try Chip-it Skor Bits. The Co-op manager didn't think it would be any different. Except it's pre-broken. Boo, no chance to "give your Mack a smack!") Fondue was very much what we needed. Okay, in an emotional way, not in any kind of health way. (When in doubt, deep-fry it and dip it in cheese! I recommend using the bread in the oil. Yum. It's like the outside of a chicken ball.)

Tonight, I've been going over all my editing. I went through Dr. B's comments for the Introduction and for Chapter One, but I'm going to finish editing Chapter 2 first. However, his comments are helping me shape how I'm editing everything. Single-spacing all of my quotations, I'm down to page 76 (this afternoon, I was at 78 pages). Oy.

I've had a nice evening. Editing's less stressful than straightforward writing. And Meg and I always enjoy each other's company. We've both been pretty crazy lately, and so we've been fake-fighting a lot. We enjoy being entire drama queens with each other.

I'm currently wearing: IVCF long sleeved t-shirt as pyjama shirt, and stripy pyjama pants.

Why my hair is wet: I had a bath because my legs were pretty stiff after all the typing I've been doing. Do you know what's hard? Washing your hair in the bathtub. It makes me thankful for my showerhead. (We have one of those rain showerheads. WaterPik. I splurged last summer.)

I am listening to: not much. The refrigerator motor, and the ticking clock in the kitchen. It's a different kind of quiet than during the day, because it sounds like no one else in my building is awake. During the day, there's Schmuckie noises downstairs, and the water pipes of neighbours through the wall from us (are they always washing dishes? Their cleanliness puts me to shame immensely).

Most counter-intuitive decision of the day: we're still working on dishes in our kitchen, and trying to get it clean. And so we fondued. (The most messy and dish-intensive exercise ever. Okay, other than smashing dishes on the floor like in those weddings.)

Word that creeps me out of the day: genuflect. It's just not a pretty word to say.

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Becca said...

OOOO... Mary - you seriously win for blog that makes me most homesick - especially today's... key points that made me want to be in Regina - Of COURSE! Fondue!!!! I miss my fondue pots... ooo... but at least you did it in my "memory" that makes me smile :)... Fondue Reunion Party in less than 40 days is all I can say!... bring on the fat (that bread in the oil is deadly!)! Second thing -IVCF long sleeved shirts- I have mine here - but I miss seeing everyone wearing the shirts from when I was on Exec... Oooo.. IVCF... Third point - the shower head - i think of your place often when showering - thinking of the "rain" showers at your place - o so wonderful! I think that's it! very excited for you still!!! Yay BC! love you and I'll be calling home again soon I'm sure!