Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Localised Seismic Activity

For the last few days, I've had to become accustomed to constant banging noises and the entire house shaking quite regularly. Downstairs, at Casa Schmuckie, they're getting their suite renovated. All new flooring, at least. Who knows what else? Bang bang bang bang bzzzzzzzzzzzzz... That's my soundtrack. (Okay, and right now my record of "ABBA's Greatest Hits." Meg's not home, so it's time for some ABBA.)

One of the problems with the noise: I keep thinking someone's knocking on my door. Or that someone's in my apartment, when I'm in my room.

Another problem: sometimes things shake. For example, the other day they were working in the bathroom (right below our bathroom), and somehow it apparently made our toilet shake so much that Meg's aromatherapy oil burner fell off. I'm really glad the glass dish didn't break. But it surprised me significantly.

It's nice that they're doing these renovations for Schmuckie's mom, because she's been here forever, and they either replaced her carpet, or may even have put in nice lino throughout the house. (Meg and I peeked into the van, and saw large quantities of lino.) Either way: very nice, considering she's on oxygen.

It has quietened now, however. It's after 5:30pm. (Thankfully, this only goes on during normal business hours. Except that I tend to wake up late.)

Song Playing: "Ring, Ring" (Why don't you give me a call?) Before this record, I listened to Voulez-Vous and it was awesome. I played "Angel Eyes" rather loudly, and then worried I might be disturbing the neigbours, and then I heard the bang bang crash! bang bang crash! downstairs. Oh yeah. I remember. Now: "Another Town, Another Train."

I'm currently consuming: way too much Pear Tree Green Tea. I made a whole pot, and am home alone. I think it's giving me a headache. But it's so good...

I'm wearing: green courderoy pants, light blue tank top, and now I've put a huge white cardigan over top. And rubber-soled slippers.

I'm amused by: the (now) shrunken head on the balcony snowman. Poor snowman.


Chris Reed said...

Meg doesn't like ABBA? Boooo Meg.
I can relate to the consuming way to much tea fact. Whenever I make a pot I always seem to forget that I am the only person here to drink it. As a result I have drinkin' a LOT of tea this year.


justanothergirl said...

miss mary! my goodness. congrats on the uvic acceptance. you'll have to swing by the law department and say hello to my godmother. not that you know who she is. but you know, i'm sure she'd be glad to hear from you. in a you're a stranger kind of way. okay, this is clearly going nowhere. so i'm done.