Friday, March 18, 2005

The Closer to the End I Get, the More Endless This Seems

Actual thought I just had (in response to one of Dr. B's instructions for editing my introduction): "But I don't want to provide examples for that in a footnote!" I've started whining to my supervisor, in my head, over something that I know I need to do. Yeah.

I am wearing: Glad Tidings bunnyhug, over a Pinelow camp t-shirt, with my Paris pyjama capri pants. And bobbly pigtails.

I have consumed: a Strawberry Banana Fruit & Veggie drink, a fruit source bar, and wheat crunch. I bought some of those last night. I've had 5 servings of fruits and vegetables by noon, between the first two items on that list. Is that weird?

Currently playing: "Here Comes the Night," Van Morrison.

And now, back to work! The end is near, at least of this marathon work session. I can feel it. (After that: chapter 3, which I've essentially already started writing. And I don't imagine there will be much left to edit of chapter 2, after the amount of work I've put into it.)

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