Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Boo! and Yay!

It's been a while since the last time we did this, and so let's join together in a triumphant "Boooo!!" to frustrating things, and then move on to things we can say "Yaaaay!!" about!

(That one sentence contained a goodly number of exclamation points.)

  1. To the University of Toronto (again) for their faint praise rejection letter. "I write with regret to inform you that the Department of History is unable to offer you a place in its PhD programme for 2005-06. The Admissions Committee was impressed by your strong record and letters of recommendation. Unfortunately..." Biggest waste of $90 ever.
  2. To the vial of allergy serum that broke when my nurse dropped it today (food), meaning I didn't get my food allergy shot. She's ordering a new one, and will be paying for it herself, but until the new one arrives, I get to react to all the food I eat (minus rice, berries and lettuce) and experience swollen joints again.
  3. To my car being nearly out of gas, and so I was late for the appointment with the nurse.
  4. To general stress!
  5. To gas prices, being nearly up to 90 cents per litre!
  6. To wind warnings!
  7. To the month of March in general, which will not allow me to press a "Reset" button and start all over again!

And to all of that, I shall shout out loud: "Boooooo!!!"

Now we shall move on to the "Yaaaaay"s of the day:

  1. To Sears, who sent me a thank you note for registering with them, along with a $10 gift card.
  2. To the Drabblations cartoon collection that I forgot I ordered, and which arrived in the mail with the U of T rejection letter, my Sears gift card and...
  3. To Kraft Canada for sending me free recipe magazines! It was addressed to "[My last name] Household", but it still made me feel special. Meg and I are going to try the Almond Chicken recipe from it.
  4. To the weather, for being above freezing!
  5. To my nice nurse, who is ordering me more serum!
  6. To prospects of living in Victoria, which looks really pretty in all the pictures I'm seeing!
  7. To my lovely friends who sent me well-wishes when I was grumpy yesterday!
  8. To red sweatpants!
  9. To my ingenious idea to add strawberry syrup to my tea this afternoon!

And to all of this, I shout a triumphant "Hooraaaaaay!!! Yaaaay!!! Huzzah!"

Take that, U of T!

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