Monday, February 07, 2005


Things that make me shout "Boooooooo" today:

The University of Toronto: to the Department of History, for threatening not to consider my application unless they received my transcripts (mailed a month ago) by today, and to the School of Grad Studies, who actually had my transcripts and didn't forward them along with my application. But weren't sure whether they could get them to the Department of History today (it depends on the mail, because you know, they're a would couple of buildings away), and the Department of History is just treating it as if I haven't gotten them my transcripts yet, until they have it. And to the Department secretary for being really passive-agressive when I tried to talk with her. Meh. I want to go to the UVic anyway. Who actually wants to live in Toronto? (Am I a Prairie girl or what?)

The Weather: With the windchill, it feels like -35ÂșC! This is a drastic difference from last week's above-zero weather. I think I agree with Neighbour Eldon's theory that the weather in Saskatchewan is set on "Random." I fully expect summer temperatures with grasshoppers next week, followed by a monsoon the week after.

First Day of Build-Up for Food Allergy Shots: I currently feel wonkified. Perhaps the reason for my current grumpiness.

Linens 'n' Things: for not having an online wedding registry for Canada, yet. (Their stuff's so pretty!)

Sears: for selling old lady stuff, while having the best and most appropriate wedding registry I've encountered yet.

My Own Procrastination Abilities: what am I doing, only on page 21? I need to work a lot today and tomorrow.

To all of that: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Maybe that'll get it all out my head.

I am wearing: random stuff. Baggy grey pants, with my navy work-out shirt, and a housecoat over all of it. The slippers are sitting beside me, this time.

I am working at: my desk in my room. I needed a change of scenery again, to encourage work.

I am listening to: WoW Worship "Orange". I started off trying to listen to the Schindler's List soundtrack. Not the most appropriate mood for right now. So, I went with a more uplifting CD.

Never fails to cheer me up: shouting "Booooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" I think it's the result of the "Ancient Booer" from the Princess Bride. It's like the word "bees." Ha. "Bees."


Crazy Legs said...

Wow... this entry popped up while I was surfing back and forth between comment pages... heh. Guess I know I'll be the first one to comment. Not that I have anything useful to say as I haven't even read the entry yet...

justanothergirl said...

i am shouting booo at the world today as well. so i bought orange pop and junior mints, and now i think my body is rejecting my stomach. good times.

Meg Persson said...

Junior Mints

Good choice

Life of Turner said...

Boo! Hehehehe...scared you.

Derek out.

Anonymous said...

I like saying bees too.